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Lyseemin™ Smart Infrared Motion Sensor Light - Sensitive Detection, Energy Saving

Lyseemin™ Smart Infrared Motion Sensor Light - Sensitive Detection, Energy Saving

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🌿💡Conserve Energy and 🚫💥Avoid Accidents with the Lyseemin™ Smart Light

Ever had to navigate a dark room, tripping over furniture, or left the lights on by mistake? The Lyseemin™ smart sensor light is here to help.

This clever device lights up when it detects movement, preventing accidents and conserving energy.

It's like having an intuitive guide that also looks after your power bills!

Redefining Detection with Precision 🎯🔍and Low Power Consumption!🔋💡

Many smart sensor lights on the market fall short in areas like sensitivity, range, and energy efficiency.

3-meter range

80% accuracy rate 

10 watts per hour 

But, we've sidestepped these pitfalls. Our dedicated development team proudly presents a product designed for precision.

✅4 meters expansive coverage

✅98% accuracy rate

✅5 watts per hour

Who Can Benefit from Lyseemin™ Smart Light?

✔️Property Owners: Enhances safety by deterring intruders, illuminating dark areas.

✔️People Living Alone/High-Crime Areas: Provides additional security through body heat detection.

✔️Tech Enthusiasts: Offers functionality and convenience for smart home enthusiasts.

✔️Outdoor Enthusiasts: Increases safety and visibility in outdoor spaces at night.

✔️Elderly or Disabled Individuals: Assists in lighting up spaces, reducing fall risks.

✔️Environmentally Conscious People: Saves energy with automatic light control.

✔️Night Shift Workers: Enhances visibility during late-night homecomings.

    Hear It From Our Users😊:

    The Real-Deal Experience with Lyseemin™ Sensor Light

    - Vivian, United States 🛡️Verified Buyer
    "With two young kids who often wake up for water at night, the automatic lighting feature has made our nights a lot safer and easier. No more stumbling in the dark!"
    - Brent, Spain 🛡️Verified Buyer
    "My elderly mother lives with us and the Lyseemin™ sensor light has been incredibly helpful. The moment she steps out of her room, the light triggers on, reducing the risk of falls. The sensitivity of the motion sensor is impressive."
    - Connor, Australia 🛡️Verified Buyer
    "I can't recommend the Lyseemin™ light enough. I installed it in my garage where I often work late into the night. The light automatically switches on, helping me find my tools easily without fumbling around. The brightness level is just perfect."

      How Does Lyseemin™ Smart Light Work?

      The Lyseemin™ Light leverages advanced infrared technology to provide all-around, blind-spot-free human body detection.

      It accurately senses human movement within a distance of 4 meters and a 120° angle range, ensuring ease of movement in the dark.

      ✨Ultra-Sensitive Detection

      Equipped with a high-sensitivity infrared sensor, the light boasts an impressive 0.1s response time and can precisely detect human movement from as far as 4 meters away.

      This means the light will illuminate your path as soon as you step into its detection range, providing optimal visibility and safety in low-light conditions.

      ✨Easy Installation, No Need for Wiring

      Compact and easy to install, this light requires no wiring or drilling.

      It can be stuck anywhere you need it, such as in the bathroom, bedside, cabinet, shoe cabinet, entrance, staircase, wardrobe, and more.

      ✨Soft Lighting, Won't Disturb Your Sleep

      This smart light emits soft, non-glaring light that won't affect your sleep quality.

      Its stable, flicker-free LED light source effectively prevents dazzling, making nighttime navigation more convenient.

      Energy-Saving, Uses Only One kWh of Electricity per Year

      The Lyseemin™ Smart Light is incredibly energy-efficient, consuming only one kWh of electricity per year.

      With just 1.5 hours of charging, it can last for up to 180 days, thanks to its strong battery life and low energy consumption design.

      ✨Multiple Modes, Catering to Your Needs

      This light offers 3 modes: constant lighting, off mode, and sensor mode to meet different needs.

      In sensor mode, the light automatically turns on when someone approaches and dims when they leave, showcasing its intelligence.

      ✨Long-lasting Battery, Charge Anytime

      The Lyseemin™ Smart Light offers a USB rechargeable function and can also be powered by 3 AAA batteries for prolonged use.

      You can charge it via a computer, power bank, charger, or batteries.

      How to Use?

      1. Peel off the the adhesive tape from the metal plate.
      2. Secure the puck lights to the metal plate.
      3. Adhere the plate to a dry, clean surface.
      4. Briefly press the side button to turn on.

      Product Specifications

      • Sensing Distance: <5 meters
      • Color Temperature: Warm light / White light
      • Rated Power: 0.8W
      • Input Voltage: 5V
      • Built-in Light Source: LEDs
      • Power Supply: 3 AAA batteries + lithium-polymer battery
      • Charging Indicator: Dual-color indication (red light on during charging / turns green when fully charged)


      How does the motion detection work?

      The light uses infrared technology to detect heat waves from moving objects, which triggers the light to turn on.

      What is the detection range of the sensor?

      It can detect motion up to 13.12 feet away.

      How easy is it to install the Lyseemin™ Smart Sensor Light?

      The light is designed for easy installation with a simple magnetic metal plate. No professional help is required.

      Can the Lyseemin™ Smart Sensor Light be operated manually?

      Yes, the light can be switched on and off manually if desired.

      Is the Lyseemin™ Smart Sensor Light safe to use around children and pets?

      Yes, the light is safe to use around children and pets as long as it's installed properly and out of reach.

      Does the Lyseemin™ Smart Sensor Light have an automatic shut-off feature?

      Yes, the light will automatically shut off after a certain period of inactivity to conserve energy. 

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