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Lyseemin™ Bluetooth Stereo Headband

Lyseemin™ Bluetooth Stereo Headband

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SleepWell Wireless, upgraded Bluetooth module for longer life and quicker charge time!
The SleepWell Wireless you love; now with a better battery.

SleepWell Wireless sleeping headphones are traditional headphones made bed-friendly and cord-free.

Ideal for sleep, travel, yoga and leisure time, our ultra-slim, patented soft and comfortable “headphones in a headband” make listening to audio a dream. Unplug and surround yourself in an ultimate sound experience – without disturbing, or being disturbed by, the person next to you.
SleepWell were designed by a family doctor and provide wearable comfort that's literally music to your ears.
Enjoying Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband - Great aid for sleeping
1. Speakers - are thin, so can sleep on side and remains comfortable. The sound quality is good and more than loud enough.
2. Material - is thin and breathable. It stretches and should fit most adult heads. It remains in place while sleeping and is comfortable.
3. Easy to use - it was easy to pair to my phone, as simple as any other Bluetooth connected devices. The front controls are intuitive to me, and layout is easy to use while on your head. Center button to power on/off (long press) or stop/play (short press), right and left button to skip tracks. Press and hold right/left buttons will increase/decrease the volume. Battery life is great, lasts all night long. Recharging is fast too.

Stream audio via Bluetooth® wireless technology
Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed
Get a good night’s sleep naturally, without medications
Reduce ambient noise, conversations, traffic sounds, and snoring
Relieve stress by listening to your favorite tunes, soothing meditation sounds, radio, sleep-enhancing rhythms, audiobooks, or any other preferred music
No uncomfortable earbuds or bulky ear enclosures

Sleep Headband
Well Made and Comfortable
The control panel of Enjoying sleep headphones is in the middle, which is very sensitive and easy to adjust.
Get rid off falling earbuds or regular earphones, you can sleep better without pain and concentrate on your exercise.
One Size Fits All
Great gift idea-By years improvement, this bluetooth headband can fit people' head nicely and they don't hurt your ears.
The band is super adjustable, as are the actual headphones on either side. You can lay on your side and barely feel them there.
Listen in Bed Pain Free
Other headphones are too bulky for you to lay on your side, while Enjoying sleep headphones is so lightweight (like having nothing on your head).
The unique fabrics of Enjoying make it foldable, and thus you can take it easily when traveling or working.

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