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Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Shape Beauty Device

Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Shape Beauty Device

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Perfect face shape in just 3-6 weeks

Here are some amazing reviews from our customers who tried using the Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Shape Beauty Device

"I have always cared about my face and wanted to change it, but my doctor told me I needed surgery and a lot of money. The crooked chin made my face ugly and made me sad. However, since I used Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Beauty Device, my appearance has changed a lot. At first, my skin felt smoother and not as rough as before. After using it for two weeks, I found that my face was not so crooked as before and became more defined. Fivfivgo™ helped me to regain my V-shape and I can say it saved me!" - Delphia Ansel - 37 years old

"I just wanted to share my experience with Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Shape Beauty Device. As a busy businessman, I often find myself sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time and this has caused some inflammation in my jaw lymph nodes. This was really uncomfortable and I needed to find a solution quickly. I decided to try this product and was blown away by how well it worked. I carried it directly on my face really well, it was very easy to use, and with the push of a button I could feel my whole neck start to work almost immediately. Within just a few days, the inflammation in my lymph nodes was significantly reduced and I felt much more comfortable. - Evalyn Moore - 63 years old

Introducing our latest innovation: Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contouring V - the ultimate solution for crooked faces and enlarged lymph nodes!

The Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Beauty Device is a device designed d specifically for the treatment of jaw lymph nodes and correction of crooked faces. The device uses Fivfivgo™ FMES microcurrent technology to increase the flow and pressure of lymphatic fluid by acting on the lymphatic vessel walls through electrical vibrations that cause tiny contractions and diastole. This stimulation helps to reduce neck edema and inflammation, resulting in a slimmer looking neck. Fivfivgo™ also stimulates facial neuromuscles to improve facial asymmetry and other problems. By acting on the jaw lymph nodes and the crooked shape of the face through the electrical stimulation of Fivfivgo™ FMES technology, the product can provide a non-invasive solution to help improve facial appearance and restore confidence.

What is Fivfivgo™ FMES ?

Fivfivgo™ FMES - Facial Muscle Electrical Stimulation is a form of physical therapy, Fivfivgo™ FMES is a therapy that stimulates muscles and promotes muscle growth, lymphatic fluid flow and healing. It works by sending electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin near the target muscle. These impulses activate the affected facial muscles, enhancing muscle contraction and relaxation, thereby improving muscle function and strength. Microcurrent facials are a popular skin treatment used to lift and tighten the face by stimulating nerve conduction and promoting neuromuscular reconstruction and recovery. It is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that uses Fivfivgo™ FMES microcurrent to stimulate collagen and muscles in the face, neck and chin. This improves facial contours and addresses facial disproportion and lymphatic nodules.

What are the causes of crooked face and enlarged jaw lymph nodes?

The mandibular lymph nodes are located in the neck and are responsible for filtering lymph fluid from the head, mouth, and neck. These lymph nodes can become swollen or enlarged due to a variety of causes, including infection and inflammation.

Common causes of mandibular lymph node enlargement include viral or bacterial infections such as colds, flu, strep throat, and ear infections.

What causes facial asymmetry?

Crooked face may be caused by a variety of factors. Congenital factors such as genetic defects and abnormal fetal development can lead to asymmetrical development of the facial bones or muscles, which can cause a crooked face. Facial fractures following trauma or surgery, nerve damage or surgical complications may also cause a crooked face. The causes include facial nerve disorders such as Bell's facial palsy, cerebrovascular disorders such as stroke, and muscle disorders such as facial muscle spasm, which may lead to crooked face.

According to research, the main way to effectively treat lymph nodes and facial distortion is through physiotherapy. The Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Shape Beauty Device uses Fivfivgo™ FMES microcurrent to treat lymph nodes and facial contours. physical therapy to treat. Through the dual stimulation effect of electric current and vibration, it stimulates the facial muscles and lymphatic system to promote muscle contraction, relaxation and lymphatic flow, thus improving facial asymmetry and lymph node problems, achieving the effect of correcting the crooked shape of the face and improving the appearance. This comprehensive physical therapy provides a convenient and effective solution for facial care and lymphatic treatment.

How does the Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Shape Beauty Device Achieve Facial Uplift?

Promote Lymphatic Drainage

Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Facial can promote lymphatic drainage by stimulating the muscles and tissues of the face, which can help to improve circulation. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and nodes that help remove toxins and waste products from the body. As the muscles and tissues of the face are stimulated, helping to push lymphatic fluid out of the area. Also, our FEMS device can help break down the buildup of toxins in the tissues, making it easier for the lymphatic system to remove them from the body. The result is reduced swelling, which can help improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Boosts Collagen Production

Our Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Shape Beauty Device can help boost collagen production in the skin by stimulating the underlying muscle tissue. It achieves this by sending electrical impulses to the muscles underneath the skin, causing them to contract and release. This repeated muscle movement increases blood flow to the area, which can stimulate the production of collagen. Additionally, the electrical currents can help to break down old collagen fibers, which can stimulate the production of new, healthy collagen. 

Face Correction

It corrects the shape of the face by strengthening the muscles under the skin to tighten loose skin. The Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V-Shape beauty device can achieve it. When muscles are stimulated by electrical pulses, they contract and release, just as they do during physical exercise. These muscle contractions can help tone and tighten muscles, resulting in a tighter, more youthful appearance. When the muscles are toned, they can be the facial bones providing more support to the skin, thus changing the curvature of the face and finally enhancing the graceful contours of the face.

Here are some of our Happy Customers:

"I once had an accident that resulted in a severely crooked left side of my face, leaving me with low self-esteem and distress. Traditional rehabilitation methods did not bring significant results. By chance, I heard about the Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Massager and I tried using it, which gently stimulated my facial muscles for a few months. Gradually, I began to notice changes. My facial muscles gradually relaxed, the crookedness was reduced, and the symmetry of my face improved. I was pleasantly surprised and happy because I regained my confidence and self-esteem. The microcurrent massager really helped me to cure my crooked face and bring back my good appearance and life." - Krista Ewart - 63 years old

"I used to suffer from lymph node problems that caused me discomfort and pain. I tried many methods with limited results. That is, until I heard about microcurrent physical therapy that could help improve lymphatic circulation. I purchased the Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Shape Beauty Device and started using it daily on my face for massage. Gradually, I began to feel an improvement in lymphatic flow. My lymph nodes gradually decreased in size and I no longer felt pain and swelling. This was a great surprise and relief to me. By using it consistently, my lymphatic problems improved significantly and I regained my health and comfort. Fivfivgo™ has really changed my life and brought me a better sense of health and well-being." - Lainey Dobson - 46 years old

What Makes The Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Shape Beauty Device Be The GREAT CHOICE?

✅ Tested by neurologist doctors
✅Stimulates neuromuscular correction of crooked face
✅Promotes lymphatic drainage
✅ Reduces swelling of lymph nodes
✅FMES vibration technology
✅N invasive cosmetic treatment
✅Boosts collagen production
✅Muscle firming
✅Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
✅Improves lymphatic circulation
✅No side effects


  • Charging Mode: USB Charging
  • Charging Time: 2 hrs, Use for 2 days
  • Product Colour: Black, White
  • Recommend for Usage: 15 mins per Day
  • Product Power: 1W
  • Rated Voltage: 3.7V

Package Includes

1 x - Fivfivgo™ FMES Microcurrent Perfect Facial Contour V Shape Beauty Device ( Black / White )

1 x - USB Cable

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