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Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater- MADE IN USA

Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater- MADE IN USA

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Now, with a Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater, you can stay warm wherever you are and save big on your electric bill. You no longer have to worry about expensive heating bills during the cold winter months!

Stay Warm Anywhere with Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater!

Let's Hear it From Our Satisfied Customers!

"This was the best shopping experience I have ever had! They are equipped with temperature sensors that automatically activate when the temperature gets too low, so there is no need to manually operate them. Within 10 minutes of turning them on, the whole room is warm. They are really energy efficient; one charge is enough for 5 days so my room can stay warm. I've been using it for three full months now, and the Fivfivgo™ Space Heater uses about as much power in three months of use as the air conditioner does in a week of operation.It's a great product and I heartily recommend it to everyone!"

-- Wallace Jimenez

"I have a 200 square foot room that I use as a home office. But in winters, this room becomes very cold. My friend recommended me to buy this product which warms up the entire space in 10-12 minutes. The room temperature can reach up to 30 °C, but I'm used to setting the temperature around 20 °C!
Best of all, it only uses 3 kilowatts of electricity per week. So instead of 7-14 gallons of heating oil ($4.50 per gallon), I'm using $0.80-$1 per week for electricity!

-- June Ortiz

The Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater was jointly developed through a series of rigorous research and innovation steps by distinguished scientists and engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Cambridge.

In the frigid Arctic, the R&D team tested the performance of the Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater.The team installed an ultra-efficient space heater at a temporary research station inside the Arctic Circle, and within 15 minutes of the start of the experiment, the temperature inside the room rose from 14°C to 22°C. At the same time, the team installed a conventional electric heater for comparison.

After several days of testing, the same power consumption was specified. Conventional space heaters operated for only 1 day. In comparison, the Fivfivgo™ 1500W ultra energy efficient space heater ran for 15 days!

The success of this experiment proves the excellent performance of the Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater under extreme cold conditions, providing strong support for practical applications. It not only provides warmth in cold areas, but also significantly reduces energy consumption.

Super Power Saving

The Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater is not only portable and aesthetically pleasing, it also features a USB fast charging mode. It provides a cost-effective solution that can be fully charged within 1 hour of connecting to a power source. A single charge is enough for up to 5 days of use. The Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater has been tested to use only 15% of the power consumed by conventional heaters.

Winner of the red dot design award

In 2022, Fivfivgo™ Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater was honored with the world-renowned Red Dot Design Award, which stands for outstandingly innovative design and superior utility.

Key technologies for Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater:

Nano Graphene Heating Element: This heater features a nano graphene heating element that rapidly heats up when activated. The electromagnetic field energizes the element's electrons, leading to a swift increase in surface temperature. As it warms, the element emits infrared radiation, providing targeted heating to objects and the human body. This ensures a fast and efficient heating experience for quick comfort.

ThermoRecapture System:The Fivfivgo™ Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater utilizes a special heat exchange system that captures the heat generated by the electric heater rather than wasting it in the environment. This system efficiently reuses heat energy, allowing the Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater to continue to generate warmth without the constant consumption of electricity.

Intelligent Power Saving Mode: The specially designed Intelligent Power Saving Mode effectively reduces power consumption, allowing you to meet your heating needs for extended periods of time for as little as $1 per week.

How does the Fivfivgo1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater work?

The Fivfivgo™ Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater features an intelligent temperature sensing system that continually monitors the ambient temperature, adjusting it precisely with a smart chip. With a user-friendly button, you can choose between Smart ECO Mode and Manual Mode. In Smart ECO Mode, it activates automatically at low temperatures, shutting off when it gets too high for energy savings and your safety. Manual mode activates 5 temperature levels (15°C, 18°C, 21°C, 24°C and 29°C) at the push of a button.

The Fivfivgo™ Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater has been tested to heat up a 500 square foot space to 23°C in 10 minutes.

Providing Constant Heat while Saving Energy

While the primary use of the Fivfivgo™  Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater is for warmth, it has other uses as well. For example, when placed over the toilet, its heat radiation radiates a cozy warmth over the entire surface of the toilet, ensuring that you won't feel uncomfortable while using the restroom. It's a thoughtful addition to your daily comfort routine, providing relief when you need it most.

Client's Life Changed with Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater

"Delivered to my house on the 3rd day after ordering. Within 10 minutes of turning it on, the temperature in my bedroom went from 15°C to 23°C, whereas without the Ultra Energy Saver space heater, the room would have been as cold as a refrigerator! After a week of using it, I am completely in love with it. Just leave it in the room and you're good to go. My husband, who is an electrician, tried to test the power consumption of this product and it does indeed consume only 3 kW on a single charge as stated in the product. This will only cost you 1 dollar in electricity, however it will keep the room warm for 5 days! All in all, the Ultra Energy Saver Space Heater has changed my life in terms of comfort and money savings. I confidently rate it 5 stars for the convenience and pleasure it brings!"

--Frankie Roberts

"My go-to for winter warmth – the Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater! Arrived on the third day, and within 15 minutes, my bedroom went from 14°C to a cozy 22°C. The automatic temperature control is a game-changer. Tested the power consumption – it truly uses only 2.5 kW per charge, costing just around £0.70 per week! A 5-star product for comfort and savings!"

--Timo Schaeffer

What Makes Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater the Best Choice?

1.Jointly developed by MIT and Cambridge University

2.No radiation, no side effects on the human bod

3.60-minute fast chargings

4.Rreventing fogged car windows

5.The best heating options for scenarios like unexpected power outages,
your car, the living room, office, outdoor work, parties, and adventures


How long does it take to experience the benefits of Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater?

The time it takes to feel the effects of the Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater may vary. However, many users report feeling its warmth almost immediately, providing a reliable source of heat.

Is there an age limit for using the Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater?

The Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater is suitable for all ages. Whether you're young or old, it's a practical solution for keeping warm in your home.

Are there any restrictions or contraindications to using the Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater ?

The Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater is safe for all users.

Product: Fivfivgo™ 1500W Ultra Energy Efficient Space Heater
Applicable scenes: living rooms, bathrooms, vehicles,etc.

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