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Fivfivgo™ 1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid TAmpoule Toothpaste

Fivfivgo™ 1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid TAmpoule Toothpaste

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Fivfivgo™ helps you kill 98.99% of bacteria, eliminate bad breath instantly,
remove plaque in 1 week, whiten your teeth in all aspects in 3 to 7
weeks, and completely solve all kinds of oral problems (including tooth
decay, calculus, toothache, tooth staining, tooth sensitivity, bleeding
and sore gums, mouth ulcers, gingivitis & periodontitis, and enamel

Before we introduce our product, let's look at our happy

"I'm a huge fan of coffee, I mean, I drink two cups of coffee every
morning and afternoon to stay in shape. But the coffee habit has taken
a toll on my teeth. Ever since I turned 50, my teeth haven't been as bright
as they used to be. A month ago, the gaps in my teeth even started to
turn black, which made me very frustrated. I decided to go to the dentist
and he mentioned something new that seemed to help me. I was
skeptical, but wanted to try it anyway. Surprisingly, it worked very well. I
kept at it for three weeks - once in the morning, once at noon, and once
at bedtime - and the change was very noticeable. Let me tell you,
stumbling upon this Fivfivgo™ Dental Restorer was a blessing. It really
whitened my teeth and it only cost me a couple cups of coffee. Other
methods would have definitely emptied my wallet. I have already
recommended it to my family and friends and they are all so grateful
that I use it for them. " -Tina Munster, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I've always avoided going to the dentist for cleanings because I just
can't stand scraping coffee stains off my teeth. As a result, I hadn't been
to the dentist in years and no matter how much I brushed or rinsed my
mouth with peroxide, the coffee stains on my upper teeth just wouldn't
come off. This Fivfivgo™ toothpaste has changed my life. It's been two
weeks now and those stains are fading and my husband even says my
teeth look whiter. I can't say they're completely gone yet, but like I said,
those stains have been building up for years. I love how easy it is to use -
I just brush my teeth with it every day and every time I see the stains
fade away between my teeth. I will definitely be buying some more to
continue this progress." - Grace White, Los Angeles, California

The daily accumulation of food residues in the mouth leads to extensive
proliferation of various bacteria and microorganisms within tooth
crevices and the oral cavity. This can result in a range of oral health
issues, including bad breath, oral ulcers, yellowed teeth, cavities, tartar
buildup, gum inflammation, gum bleeding, tooth sensitivity, weakened or
partially missing teeth, gum swelling, toothache, loose teeth, tooth loss,
and even oral cancer.

The main causes of dental problems:
1. Poor oral hygiene habits
2. Smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, coffee, tea, or carbonated
3. lack of regular cleaning of bacteria and food debris between teeth
4. Diets high in sugar and acid
5. lack of regular dental checkups

Fivfivgo™ 1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid TAmpoule Toothpaste helps you
eliminate 98.97% of harmful bacteria, eliminate bad breath and
toothache immediately, remove plaque and whiten teeth in 1 week.
Solves a wide range of oral problems (including gingivitis, periodontitis,
cavities, tartar buildup, tooth discoloration, tooth sensitivity, bleeding
and swollen gums, mouth ulcers and enamel erosion) in 3-6 weeks.

As a dental practitioner, I am acutely aware of the prevalence of dental
issues. Throughout my 15-year clinical career, I've witnessed countless
dental problems arising across different age groups due to neglect in
dental care. Many regret the substantial dental expenses they face.
After two years of extensive research and experimentation, I discovered
that a 1% concentration blend of mixed fruit acids and Grape Seed
Extract can revitalize gum cell activity and rapidly dissolve dental
calculus and residual plaque, thereby significantly restoring dental and
gum health.

Combining several proven beneficial botanical ingredients, I created
Fivfivgo™ 1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid TAmpoule Toothpaste. Experimental
evidence indicates that this formulation stands as the optimal choice in
treating dental problems. The fusion of these ingredients provides a
groundbreaking solution, fundamentally addressing dental and oral
issues. I am thrilled by the potential of this agent to offer relief and hope
for dental and oral concerns worldwide. Its unique formula restores oral
health and resolves dental issues at a more reasonable price compared
to expensive dental procedures. As a dermatologist, I confidently
recommend Fivfivgo™ 1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid TAmpoule Toothpaste as
the ultimate solution for dental problems.

Contains a wide range of natural ingredients

1% fruit acid : The most natural teeth whitening agent. Fruit acid
possesses a dissolving capability, effectively breaking down minerals
and organic substances within dental calculus and plaque, eliminating
surface pigmentation and stains, thus minimizing alterations in tooth
color, resulting in a visibly brighter appearance. This also aids in
reducing the formation of dental calculus and plaque.

Grape Seed Extract : Grape Seed Extract is rich in antioxidants that help
neutralize free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and protect teeth and
oral tissues from oxidative damage. It also enhances gum health by
increasing gum cell activity and blood circulation.

Tea Tree Oil : A hydrophilic natural compound with antibacterial and
antifungal properties. It inhibits the growth of certain bacteria, molds
and yeasts in the mouth and helps to reduce the symptoms of inflamed
gums and other oral inflammatory conditions such as mouth ulcers. It
can help remove bacterial buildup and harmful substances from the
surface of the teeth and promote oral cleanliness.

Baking Soda : A proven dental cleanser, baking soda exerts a fine
abrasive action that gently eliminates dental plaque and surface stains,
enhancing tooth cleanliness. Its ability to neutralize the acidic oral
environment decreases acid levels, thereby mitigating tooth erosion,
eliminating oral malodor, reducing bad breath, and contributing to the
protection of dental and oral health.

German chamomile: A natural ingredient with anti-inflammatory and
antibacterial properties, aiding in alleviating inflammation and
discomfort in oral tissues. It assists in relieving issues such as gum
inflammation, bleeding gums, and tooth sensitivity.

Xylitol : It aids in maintaining the oral pH balance by reducing the acidic
environment in the mouth, helping to prevent teeth from acid erosion
and thus contributing to the prevention of dental caries. Simultaneously,
it facilitates increased saliva production, which is beneficial for clearing
oral debris and bacteria, promoting oral cleanliness and protection.

What can the Fivfivgo™ 1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid TAmpoule Toothpaste do for you?

1. Teeth Whitening

Fivfivgo™ can help you remove plaque. Stones. Bacteria. Etc… And make
your teeth completely white in 1 week. Whether your teeth are yellow or

2. Eliminate Bad Breath

Fivfivgo™ can help you remove the bacteria that cause bad breath.
Dental calculus. Tonsil stones. Tooth decay. Etc… It's the perfect way to
get rid of bad breath. And the added xylitol will freshen your breath.

3. Relief and prevention of canker sores

Mouth ulcers are usually caused by bacterial attack. This causes us pain
and prevents us from eating properly. Fivfivgo™ can help you kill the
bacteria in your mouth and heal your mouth ulcers.

4. Prevention of tooth decay

Fivfivgo™ helps you kill bacteria deep into the sockets and root canals.
Stimulates restorative dentin formation. And helps repair cavities. For
severely necrotic cavities. It stimulates the gums to produce new tooth
buds and promotes the growth of new teeth.

5. Eliminate stones and white spots

Tartar and white spots are calcified plaque that inflames the gums. This
can lead to bone loss. Loose teeth. Fivfivgo™ helps eliminate plaque and
removes stubborn tartar from your teeth. Your teeth will be white and
healthy again.

6. Gum recession

Fivfivgo™ stimulates gingival cell activity and thus promotes the
regeneration of gum tissue. These active ingredients work
synergistically to activate important cellular processes involved in
collagen synthesis, which is essential for restoring the strength and
elasticity of the gums.

These are my results-say goodbye to my oral problems:

"Because I don't like brushing my teeth much, bacteria would eat away
at my teeth, making my teeth slowly deteriorate, they turned yellow with
a thick layer of tartar on them, and they were partially damaged. It even
shrank, there was bad breath and mouth ulcers, I started to have low
self-esteem and regretted it so much that I went to the dentist, who told
me the only way to save it was to get a filling, but the high cost was too
much for me to handle. Giving up on the idea, I needed to save enough
money. I started looking for other methods and products until I saw
Fivfivgo™ on FB. I decided to give it a try and was amazed by the results
on the first day of use. My teeth were noticeably whiter and my mouth
ulcers were no longer painful. after 2 weeks my teeth were completely
white and my bad breath had disappeared. after 4 weeks I felt like my
teeth were growing back. after 8 weeks I have a perfect set of teeth.
Thanks." - Sylvia Williams


"I decided to quit smoking; long years of smoking had ruined my teeth.
Dental costs are notoriously high and I was afraid to go to the dentist as
long as it didn't get worse. Unfortunately, it is still getting worse." . I had
to do something to improve it. I found Fivfivgo™ and it has helped me. I
bought 10 bottles at the beginning of November and within 2 weeks of
using it, my yellow teeth disappeared, and after 4 weeks, the cavities
disappeared as well.2 months later, I had a new set of beautiful teeth. I
am determined to take good care of my new teeth and I will use Fivfivgo™
daily to clean and protect my teeth." - Ross Contreras

Packing List:

1 bottle / 2 bottles / 5 bottles / 10 bottles / 15 bottles x Fivfivgo™ 1%
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Ampoule Toothpaste

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